Record-breaking numbers at open house hint at promising future for college

Equestrian Studies and Veterinary Medical Technology programs received much attention this year, as evidenced by the number of students who plan to attend open house on Nov. 23.

The Commission on Shaping the Future of Wilson College, President Mistick, and the Board of Trustees decided last spring to transform Wilson from a women’s college into a co-educational institution. This decision was only one among many made to ensure the financial sustainability of the college, but it is the most controversial. For many students, the change caused anxiety as they worried whether or not their school made the wrong choice.

However, the change boosted the number of applicants considering Wilson College and the college has received more attention than it has in past years.

Brittany Martinez ‘17 said, “I haven’t seen many guys getting tours on campus, but I have seen a lot of girls getting tours. I think that the change in co-education has attracted more girls to the college.”

The Equine and VMT programs are a popular attraction for incoming students.  However the Admissions office has changed the way in which they recruit new students.

Director of Admissions and Wilson alumna Patricia Beidel ‘82 said, “Admissions is using a new program to reach out to high school seniors using the web to look for colleges. Our college now will match up to what students are searching for, along with other colleges useful to the high school senior.”

“Employees in the admissions office are working really hard; we never have free time anymore. We don’t even have enough time to get to all the students needing information,” said Beidel.

Wilson increased marketing efforts for the college, as advertisements promoting the school now appear in veterinary and equine magazines, highway billboards, and radio commercials.

“The admissions office is using the new program and mass push in advertising to reach the numbers the College must reach to break even or see some type of revenue,” said Beidel.

The Open house’s record-breaking projection is a welcomed relief for all those who worried over Wilson’s fate.

Emma Miller ‘17 said “I’m happy to see more students taking tours around campus. Knowing about the college’s past low enrollment, I hope the college can really benefit from admissions efforts.”


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