Harp Orchestra Performs at Chapel

by Sarah Martin

On Mar. 5, a different kind of music filled the Alumnae Chapel. At 7:30pm the Brandywine Harp Orchestra filled the chapel with harp music. Their songs included selections such as “Brian Bory’s March,” “Swan LK 243,” “Moondance,” “King of the Fairies” and “America the Beautiful”.

Three songs featured dancing. Madeline Schueren danced during “Walking in the Air” and “King of the Fairies.” Pam Dimeler danced during “The Butterfly/Jack Broke the Prison Door/I Got Rhythm.”

Performing Art Series

The Brandywine Harp Orchestra is part of the Performing Art Series at Wilson. Kathy Lehman, Director of Conferences and Special Events, says that “The Performing Arts Committee at Wilson continues to seek for unique artists and performances that have not been featured in our Series in years past. As we searched for harp groups, we were fortunate to find the Brandywine Harp Orchestra and were delighted with a wonderful performance on March 5 which concluded with a standing ovation from our audience.”

Brandywine Harp Orchestra

The Brandywine Harp Orchestra began in 2000 when Janet Witman organized the group of 15 harpists. Their website, www.brandywineharps.com, lists a few of their accomplishments, including their participation in the 2009 Edinburgh International Harp Festival. This was the first American Celtic Harp Orchestra to perform there, according to the website, in the festival’s 29 year history.


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