Juried Student Art Exhibition Draws Artists

by April C. Davila

The Wilson College Department of Fine Arts and Dance is taking submissions for works of art for the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. Any enrolled Wilson College student is encouraged to enter.

The exhibition takes place in the Bogigian Gallery from Thurs, Mar. 31 to Fri, Apr. 22. Lauren Dieffenbach ‘12, a studio art major, fully supports this year’s exhibition. Dieffenbach says, “Not only am I a Fine Arts major, but when you have such a broad subject matter, you get a broader range of diversity in art.” She supports the art scene because “It not only gives the Wilson College campus art group the light, but it gives our tiny town of Chambersburg community artists a recognized name.”

Various Forms of Art Encouraged

Philip Lindsey, Assoc. Prof. of Fine Arts, invites all the Wilson College community to participate. There is no specific theme for the Juried Student Art Exhibition. “Last year we had pottery, and we even had someone make a dress out of bubble wrap, which was really cool,” says Dieffenbach. She hopes the campus “becomes aware of artists and their talents.”

This year’s exhibition accepts video and film as well as any two- or three-dimensional figures for the jury to critique.

Wilson Community Supports Art Diversity

The Bogigian Gallery supports the artists of Wilson College and is open to the entire community. The anticipated Juried Student Art Exhibition “gives it a feel of excitement to anticipate the few artists that will be chosen.” Dieffenbach states, “This year should be better than last year. I would like to see more painting and pencil works of art, but students should be encouraged to enter whatever they feel is their calling of art.”

Dieffenbach says, “Last year there was so much diversity in art form that it became complicated to choose just a few. There were about 30 something works of art chosen out of 50-80 chosen for the gallery.” The gallery asks students with a broad subject matter to enter. If you are an artist in dance, painting, drawing or even graffiti you are encouraged to submit your work. Leave your submissions with a completed entry form at the Bogigian Gallery in Lortz Hall. You may submit up to four works of art. The sale of work is encouraged but not guaranteed.

Dieffenbach speaks hopefully, “All works of art are exhibited and that is very exciting. Even if you do not sell a piece, you feel great as an artist, plus there is always next year.”

Art Exhibit Creates Excitement for Students

This year’s art exhibition stirs enthusiasm for the undergraduates who have not participated yet. Michelle Ann Wright ‘14 says, “I am an artist, I love to draw and feel that no one can tell us what art is. I create… and likely will attend the art show!”

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