Antigone is on Her Way to Wilson College

by Carol Zehosky

Greet Antigone and play a role in her story at mid-November Drama Club auditions.

“This play will be a challenge for the actors,” said Richard Shoap, Director of Kittochtinny Players.

Antigone, Sophocles’ Greek tragedy, is the Wilson’s Kittochtinny Drama Club’s spring production.

Shoap seeks to cast up to 20 people in the following roles:


King Creon

Ismene, Antigone’s sister

Haemon, the son of Creon

Chorus members who are the elders of Thebes


Minor cast members

Discussions about the exact date, times and location of the audition are pending.

“I plan to try out for the part of Antigone. I read the play in high school and am glad that Shoap picked this play,” says Christina Giacomini ‘12, Drama Club Vice President.

About Antigone

Antigone, a young woman who defies King Cleon to bury her brother honorably, pays the price with her life. “It is not a light play,” and one the reasons I chose it says Shoap is, “the conflict that Antigone faces, to follow the law or follow her loyalty to her family and gods knowing her punishment, is as relevant today as it was when the play was written.” As for staging, Shoap continues, “it is possible to stage Antigone with a minimal amount of scenery and costumes.”

Interested in Helping?

Besides being a performer, there are technical, set preparation, make up and costumes jobs. If you are interested in helping in these areas, please contact Richard Shoap at

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