Art Exhibition Blooms to Life at Wilson’s Bogigian Gallery

by Alia Oberst

On Fri, Sept. 10 the Wilson College Bogigian Gallery opened to the public the works of Brenda Ashton Aiken ’57 and Pamela Cochrane Tisdale ’68, two Wilson College alumnae. Their display remains open until Fri, Oct. 15. The exhibition deals with various flowers and plants. In interviews with Aiken and Tisdale, indicated what fostered their passion to paint flowers.

A Word from Tisdale

Tisdale says she worked on various art projects as a hobby for years before she started making art as a profession. She quoted a previous teacher, Rebecca Willis: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

When she decided to make her artwork her profession, her teacher Rebecca Willis appeared. Every day Tisdale says she learned more and more. Her teacher told her to stick with one theme, so instead of pictures of lighthouses and cats, she exhibits paintings of various flowers.

The medium she chose is watercolor on Aqua Board. This combination allowed her to blend the colors effectively.

Tisdale says if she makes a mistake or wants to start over again all she has to do is put the board under water and all the color washes away without damaging the board.

Tisdale says likes drawing something she enjoys, and most of her ideas come from photos she took in the past.

About Aiken’s Art

Aiken always loved to do various art works as a child. She claims she used to be afraid to work with watercolors, but she slowly worked with them until she fell in love with the way the colors blend together. Aiken says she received art lessons for her birthday present three years ago. “Better late than never,” she explains. Aiken’s main works are botanical. She focuses on painting or drawing various growth patterns of plant life, from seeds to the death of the plant. She works on Christmas cards and needle point designs, but she mostly works on botanical themes.

Come See the Exhibition

All staff and students will get a chance to go and see the art if they get to the Bogigian before Oct. 15.


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