Reflection on ArtsFest

By Ryan Reinhardt

To move around the world as a student can be dulling; completing assignments to uphold grades, maintaining various social relationships, caring for loved ones or working a job, and fulfilling many other responsibilities sometimes dampens our excitement about the world. This dullness is surely translatable to many others who are not students as well.

Combating this dullness can be a problem, though creativity and the arts can be one sharpening stone for life. Expression through many mediums, connection to another artist’s work, or simply enjoying creating or viewing art can all be transformative within a moment. 

Luckily enough, there are events relating to the arts on campus to hone the blunt edges of life.

4 days of events relating to the arts were held during Wilson’s first annual ArtsFest. From open studios to documentary screenings to play performances, Thursday, April 12th through Saturday, April 15th was filled with exhilaration from the occasion.

The activities through these 4 days brought vigor to the campus– The atoms in the air seemed to be moving faster than normal. The activity was almost suffocating, so much to do in so little time– a form of positive suffocation.

This event truly helped me to remember how important art is to the lives of all people. As a form of expression, as a medium for communication, and as a background for day-to-day life– art is a significant part of people’s lives.

I hope that more events like this happen on a smaller scale more frequently throughout upcoming semesters to help combat the dullness that sometimes ensues.


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