Community with a Purpose

“It really is a community with a purpose.”

Since 1984, a local food pantry has been making great contributions to the community. Started by Reverend Allan Shear and Walter Pollock of Greencastle, this food pantry has been serving the community for almost forty years.


Located at the Greencastle Presbyterian Church, volunteers hand out boxes and bags of free food to those in need. Supplies, provided by a government program known as the South-Central Community Action Program (or SCCAP), fill the shelves of the church basement. Canned food items, frozen meals, and fresh vegetables and fruits can be seen within this state-driven food pantry. Other products such as soap are donated to the pantry from the Greencastle community.


Volunteers such as Barbara Grane, Sarah Harmon, and Heather Baer, are just a few that take time out of their mornings and evenings to serve those in need.


Taking the time to help those in need is such a community and team effort. Barbara Grane, president of the board of directors, helps facilitate and keep the food pantry running smoothly. She shared with me that the food pantry used to take place inside where they would have the community walk down to the basement of the church to receive their food.


In time, the volunteers knew that most of the individuals that were in need were those who were struggling with their health.


Over time, the board of directors, including Mrs. Grane, decided to hold the food pantry events outside. Individuals who come seeking assistance can pull into the parking lot of Greencastle Presbyterian church, stay in their car, and have food placed in the car promptly.

Heather Baer, who volunteers her time as well, shares how serving those in need is important to her. Mrs. Baer said, “There is so much need in the world. I heard a pastor one time, while he was preaching, ask, ‘What breaks your heart?’ He then encouraged us to get involved in those things and help.” She continued to add that, “For me, it was the fact that people are hungry and are not getting fed. So that is where I began to serve.”


Being housed in the lower level of the church, members from different churches of the Greencastle community come together to serve and help those who are need of food. Mrs. Sarah Harmon said that “People don’t know how much goes behind the scenes.” Whether it is the work of one man or woman or the work of all of them together, love and kindness is truly being shown in this community. It is truly making a difference in the lives of those who stop by to receive their food.


For those who serve at the local food pantry, handing out food to those who are in need is their act of kindness.


In a world that is consumed by hatred and violence, individuals such as Mrs. Grane, Harmon, and Baer are some that choose to make a loving, kind difference to those around them.


“To do any good there comes tough stuff with it”, Heather adds. In the end though, despite challenges and benefits, showing an act of kindness and providing for those who are in need, is community-driven. Mrs. Grane adds, “It really is a community with a purpose.”


If you or someone you know is in need of food or paraphernalia, please don’t hesitate to attend these food pantry events at Greencastle-Antrim Food Pantry located at 57 W. Baltimore Street, Greencastle, Pennsylvania. The hours of operation for the food pantry are the first Thursday of each month from 6:30 to 8:00 pm as well as the second and third Wednesdays from 9 am – 12 noon. Contact information for the food pantry is listed below.


Contact the Greencastle-Antrim Food Pantry –

or leave a message at 717-597-8333

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