Use Your Voice and Help Make the Wilson College Interpretive Trail Better

by Bailey Miller

The Interpretive Trail was founded in 2000 as an interactive site for locals and Wilson College students to venture out and gain some knowledge on native plants and animals. The trail starts alongside the Conococheague Creek and finishes with a forested, woodland section. It is a multi-use trail that is occupied by hikers, runners, bikers, and horses.

Members of the Fulton Farm actively commit to land stewardship of the trail to ensure that the property and its resources are conserved. Multiple projects have taken place on the trail such as Native Plant Rehabilitation, Invasive Plant Control, and Trail Maintenance.

The trail is a nice 30-minute walk, but something seems to be missing.

Throughout the years, the trail has been susceptible to harsh weather conditions, aging, and even vandalism. Trees have fallen, information signs have been ripped out of the ground or rusted, and trash has been left behind.

It is important to remember trail etiquette when venturing on the Interpretive Trail. There are living things that use the trail as a food source and as a home. The Interpretive Trail should be explored with gratitude, curiosity, and most importantly, respect.

Efforts are being made to refurbish and make the trail more desirable for those who want to explore it, but your help is needed!

Feel free to contact Chris Mayer at or me at if you are interested in getting involved and participating in trail conservation or comment down below to let us know what you would like to see for the future of the Interpretive Trail.

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