Hagerstown Community College Student Invitational

The Bogigian Gallery is currently showing a collection of works from students attending Hagerstown Community College. The show opened on February 1st and will run through March 3rd.

Works in the gallery include photographs, paintings, drawings, and sculptural/3-D works. Not only are the works beautiful, but the narratives behind some of the pieces are also meaningful.

“Cuarentena,” by Lauren Veloz-Castillo

Seeing how artists’ backgrounds may manifest in their work, despite not knowing anything about them, is interesting to me. The meaning of a work can change based on the stories behind a piece, the upbringing of the artist, or the emotional state of the artist as they were making the piece.

The subject of a photo could be deeply personal without the viewer fully understanding the context behind the image.

“Womanhood,” by Jocelyn Basore

The composition of a painting could reference something the viewer isn’t keen to.

Even the medium in which an artist works could hold some kind of significance that may never be known by someone walking through a gallery.

Ultimately, the viewer often brings their own meanings to the art they view but it is always fascinating to think about the artist’s intention behind a piece.

Be sure to visit the gallery before it closes on March 3rd.

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