Muhibbah Club Hosts Crepe Night

By Ryan Reinhardt

The crêpe, a very thin pancake with French origins that can be made sweet or savory, was the star of Muhibbah Club’s Crêpe Night on campus.

Partnering with local business Brussel’s Café with some extra help from Sage Dining, the Muhibbah Club served crêpes to students in Sarah’s Coffeehouse. These crêpes were served with optional toppings of strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or chocolate chips.

People showed up in swarms to enjoy these delicious treats with their friends. The attendees seemed to revel in the sweetness of the crêpes as finals linger just around the corner.

It was great to see Muhibbah Club’s partnership with local business Brussel’s Café succeed to create an event that brightened many students’ days.

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