A Review of Chloe Gong’s “Foul Lady Fortune”       

By Megan VanScoyoc

“Foul Lady Fortune,” the latest novel by the youngest New York Times bestselling author Chloe Gong, is a stunning adaptation of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” crossed with Marvel’s “The Winter Solider.”

Gong is a 23-year-old New York Times bestselling author who recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. She has published three books so far.

Her first two books, “These Violent Delights” and “Our Violent Ends,” were widely praised. The duology was a fantasy “Romeo and Juliet” retelling with a gang war in Shanghai and a mysterious monster on the loose.

Her latest book, titled “Foul Lady Fortune,” takes place almost a decade after the events of her original duology. It follows a retired gang member, Rosalind Hang, who uses the code name Fortune.

Rosalind is a spy who has become immortal after unwillingly being cured from sickness. She hopes to find redemption from events in her past.

Meanwhile, a serial killer is plaguing the streets of Shanghai, killing with a mysterious chemical injection.

Rosalind is forced to team up with Orion Hong, who is a famous playboy by day, nationalist spy by night. She must act as his fake wife at a newspaper press to find out the truth of what is happening beneath the cover of journalists, CEOs, and newspaper deliveries.

Their goal is to determine whether the killer is acting on behalf of a terror group from Japan, a group of nationalists, or an entirely new organization.

The book is action-packed with lovable characters, and plenty of well-executed plot twists and classic tropes to keep readers entertained.

Gong’s writing keeps readers in suspense with car chases and fight scenes. The story is told through an omniscient point of view, which helps readers be aware of each character’s thoughts and actions.

Although I recommend reading her first duology to fully understand the references in this book and for the full experience, readers can understand what is going on without knowledge of the previous books. She is effective in incorporating the past duology without turning references into lengthy monologues and maintains focus Rosalind and Orion.

Overall, my rating is 4.5/5 stars, and I am very excited for the sequel.

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