Seasonal Changes: A Note from your WCGA President

By Connor Bowers

Many of you have probably noticed as you walk around our beautiful campus that the leaves are changing color, jackets are starting to be worn, and fall sports are in full swing. These simple events that we often overlook in our surroundings indicate seasonal change.

However, the transition from summer to fall also brings about a new school year.

Some students are eager to tackle their new courses and opportunities, but some are timid and fearful of what challenges lie ahead. Still, some are along for the ride; not eager nor timid but just happy to be living out the college experience.

For every student, this academic year presents the ability to set a new tone within your life and prove to yourself that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to.

I encourage you all to believe in yourselves, reach out for help when needed, and achieve your full potential in the classroom, extracurriculars, and the community.

I hope to see you all around our beautiful campus throughout these seasonal changes, and please do not be afraid to say hi. #RiseUP

P.S. – The fall also means football season … Go Ravens.

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