Your Chance to Help a Student in Need

By Bailey Miller

Simone Karustis is a student athlete at Wilson and her mother has just been put on dialysis for stage 5 kidney failure. Simone’s mother Lucinda, age 59, was diagnosed a year ago with kidney failure. Simone and her sister started the process of becoming a potential kidney donor in February but were unfortunately denied.

Simone and her mother, Lucinda

Dialysis is a treatment to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood to keep the kidneys functioning properly. This is only a temporary treatment; therefore, Lucinda needs a donor as soon as possible.

Lucinda is having being treated at Penn Medicine Transplant Institute. If you or anyone you know would be interested in registering to be a living kidney donor, please visit Please spread the word and help Simone and her family during this dire time.

Simone’s email:

Simone’s cell: (484) 881-2782

Read more about becoming a living kidney donor here:

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