Wilson Offers Unique Experiences With Internship Opportunities

By Kelly Shank

At Wilson, many majors have hands-on experience, but did you know that several majors require internships as part of their academic program? During your Junior or Senior year, you can complete an internship for college credit. What is unique about Wilson’s internship program is you are able to engage in experimental learning, and you are able to apply your new-found knowledge within the classroom or a real-world setting.

I received my internship placement during my second year at Wilson College. The adaptability of Wilson’s internship program course is such that you can complete any type of internship that is relevant to your major. I am a business major, so when perusing internship opportunities, I applied mostly to different offices in the Chambersburg community.

However, during my search I was found a really unique placement with a local Italian Restaurant! I have been with my internship through many different phases and different staffing changes. Working at this restaurant for almost a year and a half has been a rewarding experience. Through my experience, I have learned about many business strategies — and I have also learned to make a few pizzas! My internship has given me foundational knowledge about good business practices, and it was rewarding to apply what I have learned in my classes at Wilson to the restaurant as well. I have also been equipped with great mentors through my internship.

So, if you are currently seeking an internship, remember to look in places you might not expect. You never know what great experiences will come out of it. Be sure to be in contact with the Career Development Office at Wilson, as they are a great resource for resumes and internships!

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