InterVarsity’s Worship Night

By Jordan Yeager

Last Friday, on April 1, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship hosted a worship night in Sarah’s coffeehouse. A live band from King Street Church’s adult ministry, The Porch, led the event and performed. In addition to the live music, two guest speakers were present, Mr. Watkins and Antonio Bussey. Mr. Watkins shared a short sermon about worship and spoke about Psalm 139.

Many are familiar with the act worship, and do not recognize that their daily lives are full of it. We worship many things in this life, perhaps a luxurious car, money, our identity or materialistic things. But what about worshiping God? The things many worship are earthly not heavenly. For Christians, God should be the center of our worship, our priority, because worship is a declaration that God is amid all that is happening in our world today. He is the one in control, not us. When we come before God in worship, we give ourselves up and acknowledge his authority in praise.

Watkins explained how Psalm 139 is a specific prayer that David wrote, and it reflects upon omnipresence and omniscience. By knowing God, we possess gratitude and praise for who He is and what He does for us. We are purposefully made; this prayer helps us to see ourselves and others through God’s perspective.

Lastly, according to Watkins, judgement only belongs to God. This Psalm teaches us to love our enemies and leave the judgement to God. There is much evil in the world but what many do not understand is everyone is that capable of repenting and being forgiven.

Bussey then shared a short testimony about how God gave him opportunities led him to where he is today. He transferred to Wilson, which led him to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and spurred his spiritual growth. He expressed how some of his basketball coaches continued to encourage him to play. His first year at Wilson, he helped lead the team to a CSAC victory and onto NCAA for the first time.

Many times, we don’t see what God’s plan is for us. But He may be creating opportunities for us, even while we are unaware. I encourage believers to worship God on a daily basis; this could be as simple as thanking Him and putting Him first. And begin taking advantage of the opportunities that come before you, be it a new job or a friend you met in class. Its better to start somewhere than never start at all. I challenge you to change one thing that is part of your day and start making God a priority in your life.


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