BSU’s Open Mic Night

By Ophelia McDonald

Anthony Desruisseau reading his poem (Photo by Ophelia McDonald)

The Black Student Union hosted an open mic night on Feb. 17 that encouraged students to learn about black history, diversity, and inclusion. The night kicked off with a personal poem read by Anthony Desruisseau which opened with the powerful statement, “Black is power, Black is Love, Black is Beautiful,” which resonated with the audience.

The next activity involved an interactive Kahoot game where students were challenged to think about different biases that may affect their everyday lives.

One student stated that to him, implicit bias means having an unconscious attitude or stereotype towards someone. For another student, personal bias was something she had experienced in her personal life.

Another topic of discussion was stereotyping and its harmful effects. Through dialogue, students brainstormed ways to decrease stereotypes on campus. Ideas ranged from starting the conversation about stereotypes to make them seem less taboo to getting to know peers on a deeper level and understanding one another’s cultures and backgrounds.

Olivia McDonald speaking about diversity (Photo by Ophelia McDonald)

The night ended with a flash round of LGBTQ+ black history in which Wilson students enjoyed getting to learn about influential minority individuals who made an impact by standing up for what they believed in.

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