Get Your Hustle On!

By Jarrett Gelsinger

The past few years have been characterized by rising concern over public health, and ways to protect ourselves in a society reeling from the effects a global pandemic. Yet even as we slowly return to normalcy, exercise in the form of long-distance running has never ceased to be a part of my daily routine as a means of keeping physical and mental fortitude. With more time to spend on runs, distances have stretched longer and workouts have gone faster, though without much of a means to showcase it through 5K races.

But now, they’re back, particularly the annual Hustle 4 Health 5K/Fun run, our homecoming 5K event coming this Saturday on the 23rd of October. What’s so fun about long-distance running? Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming Wilson College’s Hustle 4 Health Homecoming celebration.

What’s the occasion?

The Wilson College Hustle 4 Health is an annual 5K/1 mile fun run in which the course expands across the entirety of the Wilson College campus. The course will wind through branching paths atop the Fulton Farm Hill, overlook the soccer fields, circle through the Penn Hall Equestrian Center, and weave around the main campus. It is a very diverse course that incorporates both standard dirt and gravel terrain, as well as plenty of paved road. The variety incorporated into the path serves to provide a fun challenge without feeling too repetitive.

What’s the occasion?

Participating in this event goes beyond an excuse to use your running shoes; Wilson will use the proceeds, donations, and signup fees to help fund the college’s service trips to the Dominican Republic. The trips offer learning opportunities abroad and provide assistance to those in need within refugee camps and local hospitals. Beyond being an excellent way to test your body in a great race, Hustle for Health acts as a way of participating in a humanitarian effort, one that we at Wilson College pride ourselves in being part of.

How can I participate?

If you would like to join in, registration for the event will take place October 23, 2021 this Saturday at 7:30am. The link for online registration is:

Additional information can be found on our official Wilson College page. Registration will cost $30, but students in middle school through college can participate for $10. T-Shirts may not be guaranteed since the deadline has already passed.

Campus will be plentiful with spectators as parents gather for Homecoming Weekend and partake in all sorts of festivities. Let’s kick off this exciting Homecoming with equally dynamic racing!

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