A Drink in Hand While Experiencing Downtown

By Mariah Kiefer

Chambersburg, PA is not a night town, but downtown Chambersburg President Sam Thrush is hoping that the three Sip & Stroll events planned for this coming year will help create a vibrancy at night for the town. “Multiple things go into making it possible for a life after 5 pm. It takes a sense of confidence to stay open,” said Sam Thrush. With COVID-19 still lurking around that is just what Chambersburg will need.

What is there to do in Chambersburg? Get your palettes ready, for the second Sip & Stroll on Mar. 27, 2021. This year due to COVID-19 there will be two waves for the ticket holders to come, and experience the town of Chambersburg, from 1-4 p.m. and from 2-5 p.m. Each wave will only allow 150 people. You must be 21 or older to buy a ticket and enjoy the day. Tickets will be $30 for drinkers and $10 for the DD.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and for your safety and others, you will be asked to wear a mask at check-in and while walking, if you do not have one Beam Graphix will be selling masks with the logo. There will be hand sanitizers at each of the vendors and they will be implementing the social distancing of 6 feet outside your family and friends’ group.

So, what is a Sip & Stroll? The Chambersburg Sip & Stroll is a fundraising event for the economic development of the town, but it is also a time for breweries to come, and let people taste their brews. The purpose of the event is to develop connections with restaurants and beverage services to try and create a life for Downtown Chambersburg after 5 pm. “It takes time and effort, a life after 5 o’clock doesn’t happen after one event,” said DCI President Sam Thrush, “Multiple things go into making it possible.” This event is not just to create a nightlife for the town, Chambersburg is also in talks with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to secure funds for restaurant and beverage service expansions and additions.

DCI President Sam Thrush is excited and thrilled that this year the RE/MAX 1st Advantage -The Stacy Mellott Group, will be the presenting sponsors for the day. This year Chambersburg is estimating that they will do about $4,200 in fundraising but are expecting to do around $6,200 with more people being interested.

On the day of the event, ticket holders will register and check-in at the Chamber of Commerce. You will receive a wrist band that must be worn during your time at the event and you will receive a passport for your list of beers that the vendors will be providing. Each vendor will be giving out two 3-ounce pours. Therefore, you will be able to try 18 different types of

brews. Every vendor can ask to see your government-issued ID is even if you have a wrist band. Be advised damaged and vertical IDs will be up to the vendors’ discretion. Every vendor will be RAMP certified which will be the “backstop check” according to Sam Thrush.

Not only will there be nine vendors, including Chambersburg’s own GearHouse Brewery Co, and Roy Pitz Brewing Company, but several In-Kind partner shops will be joining in the fun. Shops such as Sweet Rollers, who will be giving out pretzels, Veroni Café will be giving out Chips and Salsa, Beam Graphix Custom Print Co. will be providing Masks and Denim Coffee will be offering coffee and other drinks at a discount.

If you are not a beer drinker, last year Fourscore Beer Co. from Gettysburg, Pa had a Jamba beer drink, which is like a fruit puree drink, that they may bring back for this year’s event. “My wife like sweet wine and cider, not doesn’t like beer, she tried one last year and told me to buy a 4-pack for her,” Sam Thrush told me. Although, if you do enjoy a good beer, all nine vendors are worth checking out.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets you will need to buy them ahead of March 27th, but you will need to hurry, as of Mar. 2, 2021 there were only 144 tickets left. If you cannot make it to this event, mark your calendars for May 8, 2021; the next Sip & Stroll will be with Wine, Ciders, and Liquors for those looking for something a bit finer.

Link to Release: https://www.downtownchambersburgpa.com/sip-and-stroll


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