Recruitment in a Pandemic

As we as students experience a new way to complete our education, administration experiences a new way to work as well. To get a better understanding of how Wilson is doing things like recruitment, I talked to Mr. William Sommers, vice president for enrollment management. He explained to me that we are in a “disrupted state of how to do business” because of the pandemic. Events like Accepted Students Day have been cancelled, hurting enrollment for the fall 2020 semester. Because of this, the approach to recruitment had to change. Wilson is now holding campus tours that follow Pennsylvania state guidelines, as well as hosting a new event called Wilson Wednesdays. Wilson Wednesdays consist of a scaled down open house with a very limited number of guests, and information session, and a campus tour all while maintaining Pennsylvania state guidelines. Wilson College is also working to create a virtual campus tour that will allow more people to see the campus without necessarily traveling. As well as a virtual tour in the works, Wilson now offers virtual information sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Tuesday sessions more focused on traditional students and Thursday sessions more focused on nontraditional students. The college has already had its first outdoor open house which was a big success. Wilson is adapting with the times just as we as students do, we simply are not settling but rising and facing the new normal together.


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