First UNO Tournament Hosted by Gamers Club Is a Success


The final round of UNO

Family game nights pale in comparison to the excitement of the UNO Tournament that was held by Wilson College’s Gamers Club on February 20.

Almost 40 students gathered in Jensen Dining Hall and battled each other for the title of ultimate UNO champ, as well as gift cards for the top three winners. After an hour and a half of playing cards, shouting, and table slapping, Luz Rodriguez ‘23 was ultimately crowned the champion.

Rodriguez had no idea that she would win, she said. She simply played her best and managed to come out on top.

A faithful member of the Gamers club, Rodriguez was happy to win the tournament and walked away with a $50 gift card to Amazon as her prize.

Carter Marsh ‘22, President of the Gamers Club and sophomore in the animal studies program, emphasized how this simple game is great for drawing in a wide range of students.  “UNO is one of those games where anyone can win,” said Marsh.

Senior Daniel Perry treasurer of the Gamers Club and a Financial Mathematics and Business Management major, explained that this event was unlike any other they had held before. “When you think tournaments, you don’t think UNO,” he said.

It was the combination of free snacks and drinks, jovial competition with peers and upbeat music that drew such a loud crowd for the event.

Ultimately, being a game of chance, no one had any idea who would walk away with the title of champion.

Each person who participated in the tournament was assigned to a seat at one of the tables, reminded of the rules, and dealt their cards. From there, organized chaos ensued.

Some students played a quiet game, saving their best cards for the perfect moment. Others could hardly contain their excitement and anticipation as they swapped humorous insults and colorful cards with other players around the table.

As the rounds progressed and more and more students fell victim to “draw two” cards and “skips,” many players stuck around to snack on cookies and chips while crowding around the remaining six to cheer them on until the final hand.

The officers of the Gamers Club all agreed that the UNO Tournament was a major success and discussed the idea of holding another one in an upcoming semester because of its popularity with students. With such a good turnout and high enthusiasm from players, this was a spectacular event for those involved in the Gamers Club.

The club strives to host events that all students can enjoy, as well as more niche events for faithful club members to explore their passion for more intense or advanced games. According to Perry, the club has very few requirements to join, so all students are free to drop by an event or meeting if they are interested in joining an extracurricular that does not take much extra time or effort to enjoy.

Board games, video games and card games are all interests of club members and Marsh expects to plan more events such as this UNO tournament for Wilson students sometime in the rest of this spring semester.

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