Common Hour: Living Bodly

If you happen to find yourself at the John Stewart Memorial Library on a Monday at noon, you may notice a unique conversation occurring. Throughout the semester these weekly events are referred to as the Common Hour. You may end up learning something by attending for one week or several. Over the past few weeks, Wilson students, faculty, staff, and community members have heard from a diverse group of speakers. These speakers gave the Common Hour lectures as part of the series occurring this academic year, “Living Boldly.” These lectures challenged people to ask questions and get to know more about themselves as well as the speakers’ backgrounds. The past several sessions have focused on embracing diversity and being aware of minorities within our culture.

Caitlyn Barry, who is the Assistant Professor of Law at Villanova University, spoke on community lawyering within immigrant communities in Pennsylvania. Mansoor Shams spoke on his experience as a Muslim and a Marine in the United States Marine Corps. Slats Toole spoke on Queering God towards a celebratory theology. Michael Cornelius, Matthew McBride and others did readings of Bold Words this past week.

The Common Hour presents itself as a learning experience but I believe it is a rewarding part of the learning atmosphere on campus. I always walk away knowing something more about the diversity of our campus community as well as our country and the rest of the world.

If you are interested in learning more about the Common Hour, visit, or visit the Common Hour on Facebook. The next lecture will be held on Monday March 2, located in the Patterson Board Room at noon. Following dates for the remaining Common Hour lectures will be March 10 (note: this is a Tuesday rather than Monday), March 23, and March 30 in

Lenfest Learning Commons, located on the ground floor of the library.

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