TikTok Star Ryan Pishotti Talks Hopeful Music Career

Cortland, Ohio native Ryan Pishotti does not have a “crazy cool backstory” about how he became

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Ryan Pishotti

interested in music. The 22-year-old admits, “I just remember in high school sitting in class and hearing these two kids freestyle. I thought it was so cool and then randomly I just told people I was going to make a mixtape.” He also mentions that at the time no one else was making music locally, so everyone doubted that he would pursue it. It only made him want to pursue music even more. “That was five years ago and here I am still doing it, so I think it was a good decision to do it.”

Although Pishotti frequently gets asked if he plays any instruments, he actually does not. He states, “I definitely want to, though. I took guitar lessons when I was younger, and I have a piano in my studio at home. The opportunities are there. It just comes down to finding enough time to learn ‘cause it isn’t an easy thing to do.”
Where it comes to creating his music, Pishotti writes all his own songs. However, he would not be opposed to writing with others.

"Pressed" Album Cover Provided by Ryan Pishotti
Newest Release “Pressed” Album Cover
Provided by Ryan Pishotti

“Up to this point, I have written all of my songs by myself,” he says. “I probably have written/recorded close to 300 songs. I actually do want to start collaborating with other writers on songs. I think two brains are better than one. I just think overall that could improve the song quality.”
As for the production of his music, Pishotti likes being involved with the mixing and mastering of his songs. “I actually don’t make beats, which comes back to the not playing any instruments thing. Making beats is really difficult. I have so much respect for the producers that have made every beat for me. When it comes to mixing and mastering the songs, though, I like to have complete control of that aspect,” Pishotti states.
Pishotti says that he gets his inspiration for his music from the world around him. “I pull a lot of

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Ryan Pishotti

song ideas from my own experiences with girls,” he notes. “But I also like to sing about stuff people I’m close to go through in their life.” His family also inspires him to continue pursuing a music career.

The songwriting process for Pishotti varies with each song and that is what makes it so enjoyable for him. “I’ve had songs take months and I’ve had songs take thirty minutes to make,” he says. He and his father built a studio at his home that gives him easy access anytime he feels like making a song. Pishotti also admits, “Recording the song usually takes longer for me than writing the song because I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to how it sounds.”

Since 2016, Pishotti has released three albums and six singles. He says, “Every song holds a special place with me and a special moment of what I was going through when I made it.” He also mentions that if he had to pick some of his favorite songs they would be “I Got a Good Thing,” “Caravan,” “iNeedSpace,” “Blush,” “DNA,” and “I Don’t Like Cool People.”

"Frick" Album Cover Provided by Ryan Pishotti
“Frick Album Cover
Provided by Ryan Pishotti

Pishotti’s favorite music artist changes constantly. He mentioned that he likes small artists like Bryson Tiller, Aries, Iann Diorr, Arizona Zervas, and then artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Camilla Cabello, and Dababy. His absolute favorite, he says, is Justin Bieber.

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Ryan Pishotti

“I would love to hear his untold story of being a child pop star, and all the stuff he went through,” he says. “I think his music and accomplishments speak for themselves.”
And if Pishotti could collaborate with any artists? “I would like to say Justin Bieber, but he doesn’t do a ton of features,” he says. “I think another big one would be Drake just because it’s Drake. It would be so cool to say I have a song with him.”
Music listeners of all ages can enjoy Pishotti’s songs. Although he has noticed his demographic is mostly female, he does not believe age is as established. “I’ve had people from ages 10-35 say they love my music, so I don’t think I need to cater to anyone specifically. [I’m just going to] keep doing what I’m doing and hope everyone likes it for what it is,” says Pishotti.

"ME" Album Cover Provided by Ryan Pishotti
“ME” Album Cover
Provided by Ryan Pishotti


As for the future, Pishotti wants to keep making music and see where it takes him. “When I release a song, it is such a good feeling knowing that there’s people out there listening to it and even helping some people get through whatever they’re going through. I think I’ll make music as long as I possibly can even if I only had one person listening to it.”

Pishotti is excited to release a new single and says he’s hopeful about a new album and more

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Ryan Pishotti

music videos. He also has 250K followers on TikTok. “That is the main reason my music is starting to do so well, and I can’t thank that app and the people on it enough for helping me get my name and music out there more.”

You can listen to Ryan Pishotti on Spotify and Apple Music. As for social media, follow him on TikTok and Instagram at @ryanpishotti, Twitter at @RyanPishotti21, and Facebook at Ryan Pishotti. Merchandise will be arriving soon, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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