Drake Booed off Stage at Camp Flog Gnaw

Canadian rapper Drake was booed off stage at Tyler the Creator’s Music Festival Camp Flog Gnaw due to people thinking they were going to be seeing Frank Ocean. Tyler the Creator later took to Twitter to respond to the incident saying, “Some created a narrative in their head and acted like ass—- when it didn’t come true and I don’t f— with that.” He also repeatedly thanked Drake for performing and called what happened to Drake, “cancel culture in real life”. Drake, on the other hand, took to Instagram and posted a backstage picture with the caption “Plot twist… just signed a 10-year residency at Camp Flog Gnaw sorry kids see you EVERY SINGLE YEAR till you are 30.” Tyler the Creator also mentioned that it was mostly people in the front row being loud, and that the rest of the crowd seemed to be enjoying Drake’s performance.

Drake backstage at Camp Flog Gnaw
Screenshot Provided by Nijah Glover

The lineup for the festival included many alternative, hip-hop, and R&B artists. Frank Ocean is one of the musicians dominating these genres right now, so a lot of ticketholders were expecting the surprise headliner to be Ocean singing, and instead they got Drake rapping. The festival was held Sunday, November 10 in Los Angeles at Dodgers Stadium. Camp Flog Gnaw is an annual LA based rap festival that Tyler the Creator started in 2012. This year the festival featured artists such as Solange, YG, and Brockhampton. The official lineup included “???” in lieu of a name. When it was revealed onstage that Drake was the mystery headliner, fans began booing.
Many ticketholders booed for Drake out of disappointment that he was the surprise headliner thinking it would be Frank Ocean because Ocean and Tyler the Creator are long-time friends and have collaborated on songs. Additionally, Ocean has started to slowly release new music, so many fans thought the festival would be a prime place for him to return to performing.

Lineup of the festival performers
Screenshot Provided by Nijah Glover

After the performance, many people took to Twitter in support of Drake, with one Twitter user @virtualvibes saying, “imagine being so f—- privileged that when an event doesn’t book the surprise artist you want, you boo 4 Grammy winner Drake off the stage. Unreal.” Gerrick Kennedy, a music journalist, said, “It sucks because Tyler books this festival himself. The lineup reflects his personal tastes, and these are artists he usually has a relationship with (Tyler asked Drake to do it as a favor). The disrespect is astounding.”
Others had jokes about the performance. One user referenced Keke Palmer’s “sorry to this man” meme, which is a video of Palmer saying she doesn’t know who a man is, and that he could be someone walking down the street. Then to end the video she says, “sorry to this man”.

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