Nerdvana Outpost and Northword Books

Nestled along the side of a building off Main Street is Nerdvana Outpost. Once inside you’re greeted by friendly staff and a wide assortment of products that are related to comics, popular movies and tv, etc. Even though the store is tailored for people who are into comics and things of that nature, even if you aren’t into those types of things I think you will still enjoy Nerdvana. Along with all the geeky décor and collectibles at Nerdvana, they also offer a vintage 80’s arcade in the store. The store also hosts events to get people out and involved in the community. A great way to keep up with the events happening at Nerdvana is their Facebook page that lets you follow events that are happening, see different things that they post about, and share reviews about your experience at the store.

Another wonderful business in the downtown area is Northwood Books. As you walk in you are greeted by a sweet lady that explains the extensive collection of books offered in store. They have a huge selection of books, over 8 miles of books packed into their store. You can purchase or just read at one of their seating areas while in the store. Within the store there are four seating areas where you can sit and read, as well as a seating area in the alley beside the building for when the weather is nice. Along the wall in the alley with the seating are paintings depicting different characters from popular books, there’s a lion from Lion King, the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella, etc., along with all the painting in the alley there is also a phone booth if you were looking for fun photo ops. Inside Northwood Books there are unique decorations that are specific items from popular books, they have the Harry Potter sorting hat hanging from the ceiling and a pig in a tutu sitting on top of a bookshelf, from the children’s book “Pig in a Tutu”. Northwood Books has so many different books that there is one for everyone’s taste. Northwood books has a Facebook page, so that you can keep up with events and different things that are happening at the store.

Sign Outside Nervana
Outside Northwood Books

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