From Winchester to Texas Ranger

Jared Padalecki

While we are all upset that, after fifteen long seasons, the hit show “Supernatural” is ending, there is something to look forward to. Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester in “Supernatural,” has plans to move right onto the next project after the show ends. Padalecki is in line to star as Cordell Walker in a Texas Ranger reboot.

It’s currently up in the air as to which network will host the show, either CBS or CW, which is home to “Supernatural.” Right now, either network is a safe choice for the show. The show will follow Padalecki’s character as he comes back home from a two-year, high-profile case and has to deal with everything going on at home. The show promises more exploration of morality, family, and a rediscovery of common ground.

Padalecki will be joined by a female costar, which is different from the original’s choice of a male person of color as the costar. This costar will be Walker’s partner, like Trivette from the original series. The president of CW, Mark Pedowitz, wished Padalecki well and reminded him that “he will always have a home here, and you will always have a personal fan in me” (Lyons). “Supernatural” fans, there is hope after all!

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