The Rising Star of Streaming Services Disney+

Disney + is an online streaming service that will launch this year by the Walt Disney Company, which is famous for animation and now affects virtually all popular movies. This is a service that Disney will operate on its own to compete directly with Netflix, a leading streaming site.

The service will feature more than 7,500 dramas, TV series and more than 500 movies, and original series only available on Disney +. Of particular note is the unparalleled view of Disney classics. Despite the fact that classic films are still very popular at various ages, there is currently no streaming service for them, so purchasing each movie individually was the only way to watch these movies. This is good news for Disney’s fixed fans and those who like Disney’s classic movies, because they can easily view Disney masterpieces on their own devices with monthly payments.

In addition, Disney + offers overwhelming original content that covers most ages and can showcase a variety of content, including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic and The Simpsons. It is also cheap, charging about $ 6.99 a month, and at least four devices that can be used simultaneously and seven profiles can be set.

However, Disney + has a fatal drawback: the lack of sub content. Unlike competing streaming services such as Netflix, Watcha and HBO, they can only provide their own content, so over time, there will be a shortage of available content. Failure to provide adult-oriented content directly can also be a disadvantage of Disney +. Adult-oriented content may fall on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services to provide content for more than just the whole family.  Eventually Disney+ might venture into making pg-13 rated content to keep up their rates.

Despite these shortcomings, Disney + will be loved by people because of their high loyalty and the ability to watch for most age groups. If you develop content / methods that will make up for the above drawbacks, Disney + is expected to go beyond traditional streaming services.

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