Venice Will Charge Entry Fee to Tourists After 2019

In 2019, Venice has won approval to charge an entry fee for day visitors. If you do not pay, you could be fined up to €450 ($511). For the rest of 2019, visitors will be charged €3 ($3.40). But as of Jan. 1, 2020, it will be €6 ($6.80). At peak times when the city is flooded with tourists, visitors have to pay €8 ($9). On the busiest days, they will pay €10 ($11). The government will not charge a fee to people in Venice, commuters, students, and children under six. This tax will be included on the train ticket, cruise ships, or any transportation you get.

Photo of Venice

The Italian city’s tourist tax only applies to people spending the night. Tourist already pay a similar “landing tax”. However, in Venice, the number of visitors has increased and streets have  become busier. Venetians have long complained that mass tourism is swamping the city and beautiful canals. In response, the government’s measures on over-tourism are being strengthened. Over 2018’s busy May Day weekend, the local government tried to restrict the movement of visitors and to separate the tourist and locals. This new law is the most extreme and latest solution to handle the nearly 30 million tourists who visit Venice each year.

The government says the money collected will be used for expenses such as waste management and maintenance of the city. The Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, said this tax would generate much-needed income to keep the city clean, to better manage the city, and offer visitors better services. The mayor also said that the introduction of this measure would improve the living environment of Venice. However, while some people agree with this action, others have dissatisfaction.

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