Movie Review on the Superhero “Captain Marvel”

This movie is a great introduction into the world of Captain Marvel. Going into the movie, I read about other reviews saying it was boring and feministic, only showcasing female power; however, after watching the movie, I can say that Marvel did a great job balancing female power and action in the movie. Her real name is Carol Danvers, and the movie starts out by showing us a planet called Kre, which she supposedly comes from. Danvers has these dreams of a woman she once knew and cannot figure out who she is. The movie takes a twist when she travels to planet C-53(Earth) and finds out that is where she was born. She discovers the lady from her dreams was a very important part of her life and finds out her true past. It turns out the dreams she had been having were memories, and the lady she had been dreaming of had ahold of the Tesseract. As Marvel fans know from the other Marvel movies, the tesseract plays a key role in the series. Its major rule comes from the most recent ‘Avengers’ movie when Thanos got rid of half of the population in the universe with the help of Tesseract’s powers.The real mystery comes from the end of the movie. You find out that Captain Marvel’s powers are different from everyone else and come from the energy of the Tesseract. This energy lives inside of her and maybe it could be a clue to what is coming in the new Avengers movie, ‘Avengers: Endgame’. A preview is also played right before the credits which fast forwards to the Avengers meeting Captain Marvel. Overall, this movie sets a good scene for the next Avengers movie.

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