First Female Non-Kicker Signs Scholarship

Women in sports are continuing to achieve more and more; they are improving athletically and showing that they can do the same sports as men. An aspiring athlete, Antoinette (Toni) Harris, a 22-year-old safety for East Los Angeles College, recently received a scholarship to play football for Central Methodist University in Missouri. She is the first female football player at a skill position to sign a letter of intent. At 5 feet-7 inches tall and only weighing 167 pounds, she is determined to defeat the stereotypes put on women in sports.

Female Symbol

She has been playing football at her community college for the past two years and dreams of playing in the NFL as the first female in a skill position. Although she has only played college football for two years, she fell in love with the sport at the age of six. She also appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Toyota this year. The commercial was focused on overcoming obstacles and expectations. Harris says that many college football coaches did not believe she could play with the men and that she was incapable of pursuing her dream. Harris, however, believes that she can push herself to be the best she can be and play football. In an interview by ESPN, Harris said, “The NFL is the dream. I’m going to be working toward that until the death of me. Whether I go drafted or undrafted, I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep my faith and God is going to take me there.” She is determined to accomplish her dream and is inspiring many young female athletes along the way.


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