Enjoy Your Time at “Roy Pitz Brewing Company”

Meal at Roy Pitz

There is a great place to have fun with your friends near campus. Roy Pitz Brewing Company is a 20 minute walk away, they have their own beers and also have other kinds of drinks like wine, cocktails, and regular beers. There are two kinds of tap beer that are made by Roy Pitz, Barrel Aged Underground Safety Stout and Dutch Maiden. Dutch Maiden is an ale beer, so it has a very fresh flavor and is good for drinking with some greasy foods. Barrel Stout is a black beer and has a heavy and rich taste like Guinness, but it smells fresher. I don’t recommend Barrel Stout for those who don’t enjoy dark beers because it has quite a heavy taste for those who have never tasted dark beer before.

Roy Pitz has some delicious foods that are suitable with their beers, or you can enjoy their foods only. Their signature burgers and sandwiches are great to have with beers. I recommend having burgers because the fries that came out with burger were great and tasted delicious. It was similar to Five Guys’ French Fries. The burger’s buns were soft, and the meat was juicy and thick enough to sense the taste of beef. As a meat lover, I enjoyed the deep flavor of the beef patty. If you are not satisfied with their burgers, you can even build your own burger for ten dollars. Just choose a cheese and 3 toppings of what you want. They have vegetarian menus too.

They also offer March food specials and daily lunch specials from 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. that are less expensive than regular menus, so you can have some special menus at a reasonable price. I recommend lunch special menu, grilled cheese & tomato bisque, which is available on Tuesday. It’s only $4.99 and the amount was reasonable. They also have Wing Wednesday; on this day you can have wings at 35% off price all day.

They open every day except Monday and 11:30 a.m. mostly till 11 p.m. Visit Roy Pitz and try some its fresh beers and delicious foods!

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