Here’s to New Beginnings This Semester

We are officially back in the swing of things this semester. The Billboard staff has grown, and I am very grateful for that. I can already see that we are going to do great things with this bigger staff. Having read about fifteen to twenty articles for this issue, I am excited to see the diversity of stories being published. With a larger group of us, I believe we can do a lot more on campus. We have already partnered up with Career Development for a Wilson After Dark event, and I plan on doing a few other things with other departments or clubs on campus. With this new group of staff members, each adding their unique personalities to the previously small group of staff members, the Billboard is going to grow in many ways. We are going to work harder and expand our outreach online and on social media.

Four of the senior editorial staff are going to be traveling to New York for a Media Conference in March. This conference will give us tips and new ideas to help improve the Billboard. I would like to take what we learn at this conference and take the Billboard to a higher level. Speakers from all over the United States and various media outlets will be sharing their knowledge and expertise in the field. With new ideas and tips, I can only picture how much more we can improve.

With new staff members, new ideas, personalities, and hard work, I say the Billboard is up for a bit of a remodel this semester. I would like to see the Billboard get more involved online, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, or even YouTube. I think we can reach audiences beyond our campus. Here’s to new beginnings in this promising semester.

Hannah Middaugh

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