Resident Life Hosts World Dinner Night

The student center became the cornucopia of culture on Thursday Nov. 29 as Wilson students from both the United States and other nationalities put their culinary skills to the test by making food that reminds them of home. A variety of dishes were made ranging from an American classic of Mac n’ Cheese to spicy chicken from Southern India. Hosted by Resident Life (Reslife) it is an annual event promoting culture and providing free food for all that attend.

Proceedings started roughly around 9:30 p.m. in the student center with people queuing up to sample the appealing food. Bringing together all cultures to enjoy the food and talk is what this event is all about. Students who made their home foods then revealed how it reminds them of home. All dishes were received well by those who attended however, the Australian Lamingtons and the Mac n’ Cheese were among the preferred choices. According to Resident Assistant Katelyn Gilbert ’19, the event was well attended but had the potential to be even better if there was collaboration with the Muhhibah (cultural) club. Gilbert notes, “I think because there’s a common interest there it would be nice to work together, and to share resources, plus we could have more dishes at the event”. This feeling is supported by President of Muhibbah Brooke McLachlan ’21, who notes that it is a possible idea to improve the night. McLachlan states, “Muhibbah was not involved because it was a program of residence life”.

However, the event went well and can be improved upon to be even better next year.

Students eating

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