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If you like alternative rock bands like Thirty Seconds to Mars, Set It Off, Muse, Linkin Park, and Bring Me The Horizon, VISTA is the band for you. VISTA, an electronically-tinged alternative rock duo from New York, formed in late 2015. Comprised of lead singer, Hope Vista, and guitarist, Greg Almeida, the duo uses both

Hope Vista while opening for Set It Off
Photo By Hannah Middaugh

modern alternative rock and electronic influences to create their unique sound. Their most recent EP, Long Live released in 2017, debuted on three different iTunes charts. They have toured alongside Against the Current and Set It Off. They also played multiple Warped Tour dates.

Both Vista and Almeida have always wanted to be in the music industry. Vista commented by saying, “I’ve never wanted to be involved in any other industry at all.”

Almeida stated, “I think its where I belong.”

As for their first initial introduction to music, Vista said that her father was her motivation to get into music. She commented, “He was always in my corner and wanted to see me succeed in my passion. I want to do it for both of us.”

Almeida stated, “My brother got me into some of the more ‘punk rock’ stuff growing up. And it was just a slippery slope from there.”

The duo gravitated toward the electronically-tinged alternative rock naturally. Vista commented , “We didn’t choose one genre over the other; it’s just what we gravitated toward and feel creatively/passionately excited about.”

VISTA writes all their own songs and both members have different inspirations for how to write their lyrics. Almeida commented, “I get inspired when life is either really good or really bad. At least with VISTA, that’s what drives me to write.”

Vista also commented saying, “The noises I hear in my head. That sounds weird, but I hear sounds, I see lyrics. I write out concepts based on how my emotions are running or what I feel toward current events.”

Photo by Hannah Middaugh
Opening for Set It Off, Photo by Hannah Middaugh

Both Vista and Almeida have a wide variety of musical inspiration.

“Musically, one of my biggest is Lady Gaga. She’s so weird, and she does not care. I love it. I love how she has no inhibitions in any of her creative choices. Chester Bennington was my favorite, and still is my favorite, vocalist to exist in any band. The emotion he put into the words he wrote always had a big impact on me as I was growing up, navigating through mature emotions as a kid in elementary school, middle school,” Vista stated.

Almeida also commented with, “I love a whole slew of different guitar players. I’m inspired by the more technical and Avant Garde playing techniques and tones, like that of The Fall of Troy, Chon, or Dance Gavin Dance. However, there’s a huge part of me that is a sucker for a great song and has sought after creating such things for ages. Pop music is so killer sometimes. Carly Rae Jepsen can really write a good song. Linkin Park can really write a song that tugs at the heartstrings. PVRIS can write a song that can really make you bop your head. I just love art.”

In their personal lives, their biggest fans and inspirations are not only their significant others, but also each other.

“My boyfriend [inspires me and supports us]. Greg’s girlfriend is incredibly supportive of him and VISTA, as well. We both have very respectful significant others who want to see us succeed, which is rare. Greg also inspires me a lot; I want to be my best for him as both my bandmate and good friend, and want to succeed so he succeeds,” Vista stated.

Almeida commented, “My family is super supportive. Like Hope said the significant other thing is amazing. However, I can’t even deny that I have so many awesome friends who are always rooting for me even when they are busy. I love them all so much.” He also replied to Vista’s comment on him inspiring her with, “And brb, I’m crying in the club at Hope’s comment towards me. You inspire me too, in so many ways.”

As for their favorite aspect of performing, Vista said that hearing people sing their lyrics is her favorite part while Almeida replied with, “I love watching people head-bang with me.”

When asked about their favorite band to tour with, Vista commented, “Our shows with Set It Off were hands down my favorite. Great guys and is was pure joy to watch them perform for three nights in a row.” Almeida also said that touring with Against the Current was great as well.

Vista’s favorite songs to perform live are “Born For Blood” or “Dominance 2.0” while Almeida’s are “Born For Blood,” “Hellbent,” and “Henchmen.”

This energic duo loves connecting with their fans and their favorite aspect of making music is seeing how their music impacts other people.

 Almeida stated, “You can really tell when someone connects with the song on that deeper level. They won’t just post about it and be like ‘This rules!’. They will message you or tweet at you eventually and talk about their experiences with the song and what parts resonated with them. I love it so much.”

Vista also commented on her favorite aspect of making music, saying, “Seeing our music resonate through others. Whether they share their thoughts to us via tweet, social media post, talking to us at a show; it’s quite surreal to see some type of personal impact.”

VISTA is currently working on new music, but no new songs will be released in the remainder of 2018.

Interested in more VISTA? Check them out on Spotify and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at ThisIsVISTA. Also follow them on Facebook.

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