Our Childhood Is Back

In the beginning of October, a press release revealed that the children’s toy store, Toys R Us®, which recently fell into bankruptcy, is reemerging into the business world. The company who previously owned the name and branding of Toys R Us® had been trying to reboot it for five months; however, now Geoffrey, LLC bought the brand and will have complete control of all the Toys R Us® stores in the world, with the exception of Canada.At the Dallas Toy Convention on October 2, 2018, Geoffrey the Giraffe mascot was walking around with a cape on that read, “back from vacation”, indicating that the company is back to prosper. A tweet made on by the Toys R Us® twitter account that pictures the giraffe carrying a suitcase explains that he is back and wants to create new memories. Geoffrey, LLC will now be operating under, Geoffrey’s Toy Box as a toy company whose focus is on popular play patterns with brands that are trusted and loved by parents and kids. The reemerging store will start launching locations in November, just in time for the holidays, but will have the concept of a store-within-a-store because they are partnering with a Midwest retailer. In the next few months, the success of the new name will be determined, and the new face of Geoffrey will be displayed.

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