New Library Website Launches in the Upcoming Year

Recently, Wilson College’s library staff established a new library website as an upgrade on the previous edition to enhance and enlighten students’ researching experience. The new website, setup on Apr. 5, improves upon the old edition which was lacking in some vital areas that needed to be addressed.

Prime architect and the Technology and Instructional Design Librarian, James D’Annibale, along with library staff, promote this new upgrade as it will greatly improve students’ online experience. The new website has a LibGuides subscription, which saves the college money, as it allows better integration of databases meaning that students can do more with it.

With this change, D’Annibale notes, “It looks better and we get to keep everything on the one platform.”

For students, this new upgrade provides a plethora of changes and updates which they will find most agreeable. For example, the OneSearch interface used by the college will remain on the Library website rather than having to go from one place to another. Moreover, on the website’s page, there is an advance search link which previously did not exist as students had to go through the basic search link.

Another advantage is the addition of more subject databases for all subjects and areas of interest. This is accompanied by videos and tutorials to help students navigate these new databases, which is a vast improvement on the previous website.

What does this mean for students exactly? As D’Annibale remarks, “It will be easier to navigate, provides more helpful documents and videos and will become better as students get used to it.”

Overall, it seems like a practical and well-formatted website promoting the needs of students and simplicity, which is necessary for students who need to be focusing on research rather than how to do the research.

Despite the glowing praise that has met the new website, there have also been some complications as with any new development. The delay in the implementation of the new website has been rectified as all the formatting and bugs had to be worked out before it could be declared fully operational. However, feedback is always appreciated, and the library staff recommends that if any students come across a complication, they fill out the website feedback form located on one of the tabs on the front page.

At the end of April, the old website will be taken down and the new website will replace it as the Wilson College Library Website. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to D’Annibale or other library staff members.

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