Race for Mission Trip

On Apr. 28, the inaugural Hustle for Health Race will take place at Wilson College.
Registration for the event will be held from 9:30 am to 10:30 am on the 28th.The Hustle for Health will feature a 1-mile fun run/walk, which starts at 10 am with the 2.5 and 5 mile run starting at 10:30 am.

The Hustle for Health is an event to raise money to sponsor students to study abroad for Medical Spanish Mission Trips to the Dominican Republic.

There have been numerous faculty and staff that have helped in preparing for this race. The original idea for the race was created by Carolyn Hart, Director of Nursing at Wilson. The group started meeting monthly since January 2017 to prepare for the race. Since the race is fast approaching, the committee now meets every other week.

“It’s so much more work and logistics then I ever imagined. Brenda Elliott (Nursing Professor) and I ran in multiple races, but we’ve never actually organized them. They are two different experiences,” Dr. Tonia Hess-Kling commented.

There are many tasks that come with setting up a race.

“There are permits you have to make sure you get borough approval to put cones and course markers up. The borough has to approve and say whether or not the race will need event monitors. We also have to communicate with the community when it comes to using roads and right of ways. Marketing and sponsorships, going out into the community for donation,” Dr. Hess-Kling added.

Wilson students have the ability to receive a significantly reduced rate for the race. Students only have to pay $10 to run. It is available on the registration website for students to obtain the code to get the discount. The first year goal is to have 60 participants.

“We mostly wanted to break even in this first year, cover costs, get community involved and exposure of the annual event. Start small and grow each year,” according to Elliott.

Many different students are volunteering for the events such as Curran Scholars and members of the Exercise Science Club. If students would like to volunteer at the event, they can email Dr. Tonia at tonia.hess-king@wilson.edu.

Online registration as well as additional information about the race can be found on the race website at https://www.cvraceseries.us/Events/EventPage.php?event_id=527.

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