Student Enjoys High-Flying Opportunity

On December 31, I had the opportunity to job shadow with the public relations department of the Philadelphia Eagles, who are now the 2018 Super Bowl Champions, during their last home game of the regular season against the Dallas Cowboys.

My initial inquiry about job shadowing for the NFL occurred while I was in Dallas at the ACP conference with Billboard. I had the opportunity to meet Charean Williams, who was a professional sports writer. She spoke about taking opportunities. Following her advice, I emailed the Eagles. Within a day of sending my email, I received a reply for Public Relations Coordinator Anthony Bonagura, that they were happy to accommodate a job shadow at a game.

Overall, the job shadow experience was phenomenal. I received press credentials, so I was treated just like the press and staff were. I went through the security check as a media personnel and signed in as one as well.

I was able to experience everything that the public relations staff does on a game day. For each quarter, I passed out statistical reports to all the reporters that were there. I also had to travel throughout the stadium to give stat sheets to FOX News and Jerry Jones.

My favorite part of the job shadow was getting to experience the interviews after the games. The public relations team splits up, some going to the home press conference while others went to the away teams. I was able to go to the Cowboys press conference where Head Coach Jason Garrett was interviewed as well as quarterback Dak Prescott. After the press conference, I was able to help transcribe quotes, which are later sent on to other media outlets in the Philadelphia Area.

I enjoyed my time with the Eagles. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to job shadow in the NFL. Without going to the ACP conference in October, I would have never thought about inquiring for an opportunity like this one. Opportunities are out there. We just have to look for them.

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett
Inside the Eagles’ Stadium
Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott

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