Dorm Life: For Better or Worse

As with a multitude of things in college life, living in a dorm has its own set of pros and cons. It instills a sense of independence on an individual by pushing him/her out of their comfort zones. It also develops a sense of family and community. There are several occasions where different dormitories compete with each other in competitions. This provides individuals an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, support their teams through cheerleading, and build important and long-lasting relationships with other individuals. It is also a place where one can meet people from different majors and classifications and build relationships.

Similarly, there are many cons associated with living in a dorm. Individuals, in many cases, have to sacrifice their privacy or personal space as sharing a room with others is required in many universities. At times, roommates tend to be completely opposite of each other, leading to frequent misunderstandings and/or quarrels. This can have a significant effect on the students overall college experience.

However, dorm life is also an opportunity for people to adapt with individuals and their surroundings that are not naturally desirable to them, preparing them for such situations in real life. By stepping out of their comfort zones and dealing with undesirable people and surroundings, people can convert this con into a pro. Living in a dorm means one has to live under the defined rules and regulations, which include prohibition of alcohol, partying with loud music, and many others. For people who are legally allowed to participate in such activities, being unable to enjoy their freedom may be highly undesirable.

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