Graduation, Here We Come

With each passing year, it seems that time goes by faster and faster. I can remember starting my freshmen year in 2014. Now, it is 2018 and I am entering my last semester at Wilson. I thought I would be ready for this semester. Isn’t every senior excited for their last semester and, ultimately, graduation? Now that three weeks of the semester has gone by, I am starting to worry about the amount of work that still needs done before I graduate.

Over winter break, I applied for jobs from Pennsylvania, New York, and Georgia. Out of the many applications I sent out, I got responses from three. Each one was a rejection. As I continue applying for jobs, I feel helpless and defeated. My future is in the hands of complete strangers, something that I am not used to.
On the other hand, I am also debating on applying to graduate school. At first, I did not give much thought to furthering my education. I wanted to be done and jump into the work force. However, a journalism program at Regent University has me seriously considering a master’s degree
While graduate school is another option for my future, I am in the same situation. My future lies in the hands of others and, unfortunately, I do not know what will happen or which direction I will go in.

Of course, before I can get to that point, I have to finish out this semester. I did not think that my last semester would be hard. Now that we are three weeks into it, I realize how wrong I was. Along with being Editor-in-Chief for Billboard, President of Bottom Shelf Review and organizing different events throughout the semester, I have four regular classes and two smaller classes. I have to write a novella this semester for my senior thesis (for those who do not know what this is, it is a story with a 25,000 to 60,000 word count).

I know that I am not the only one dealing with a rough semester. I am sure most seniors are struggling to finish everything before the graduation clock rings. So, I offer some advice to get through the semester.

You are not alone. We are all struggling and it is okay to feel defeated. That just means we are passionate and driven to accomplish our tasks. When it gets to be too much, take a break and walk away, if only for a few minutes. Go for a drive, go treat yourself to food or a shopping trip, go someplace new. Just get out, go and relax. Give yourself a break.

We can do this. We will graduate. We are the Class of 2018.

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