Taylor Swift’s New Reputation

Back in 2016 when Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, called her a snake, and so did Kim Kardashian shortly after, the snake emoji became iconic to the famous singer.

Now, three years after her conquering album “1989,” Swift made a comeback with a full-of-spice album, “Reputation.” The album will be officially released on Nov. 10.

Swift dropped two hit singles, “Look what you made me do” and “…Ready for it?” The former, as the leading single, received worldwide attention. It is a spicy shout out to her enemies and a detailed illustration of how all rumors have stuck with her during the past years. Although Swift does not like the role people made her play “like a fool,”, Swift agreed to be a queen of snakes, and she did it quite well.

We will see a number of acquaintances in the music video such as the Kardashian-West family, Katy Perry or her ex boyfriends Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. “Look what you made me do” is also a statement that that you will never find the sweet countryside girl who wrote romantic love songs anymore because she is too busy swishing swishing at people, or “because she is dead.”

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