New Dining Hall Policy: An Eco-friendly Solution

To-Go Box Sign
Photo by Trang Nguyen

New this semester, Wilson College students have to purchase to-go boxes instead of getting free ones if they want to take their meals out of the dining hall.

Last year, Jensen dining hall provided free paper boxes and cups for students who did not have time to sit down and eat. However, students are now asked to pay $5 for a reusable plastic to-go box.

When asked about this new policy, Dan Maertz, manager of the Sage Dining Service in Wilson College dining hall, expresses, “Last year it cost us $12,000 just to provide free to-go boxes for students. Our budget is fixed and limited, and that amount of money was a lot. This year, instead of providing free to-go boxes, we are using that $12,000 to provide students more qualified, expensive and organic food. This semester, students will have more options of food in the dining hall.”

The to-go boxes are qualified, reusable plastic boxes. Maertz comments, “They are good and eco-friendly. They are made out of consumer plastic, totally recycled. They are green products. Besides, we are not making any money out of selling them. $5 was how much they cost when we purchased them. We are just giving them to students at original price.”

Because of these reasons, students only have to buy one box and reuse them the next time they go to the dining hall.

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