North Korea Elevates Missile Strike Threat

Kim Jong-Un has released a video of propaganda whereby an aircraft of the United States is blown up while the strategic bombers of the United States are shown being shot down in flames. Also, the communist state footage concerning the recent launches of the ballistic missiles are being shown with a brief illustration of a message that “In the carrier’s throat, there will be a knife that will be stabbed on it” the video mainly declaration presented by the video is that, “from the sky, a bomber will fall after being hit by the hail of fire.”

This clip video that runs for two minutes has emerged a few days after the threat that was presented by Kim concerning reducing the United States into ashes as the tensions continue to pile with North Korea’s actions. This was in turn followed by a warning from Alex Tillerson, the secretary of the state that, the United States is making some major preparations of a “first strike” an act that is against the dictator who is considered to be irrational. The United States is conducting major drills in South Korea in order to eliminate the ruler of the country.

This talk that is menacing arose as south Korea presented its warnings that the rocket-engine test that was carried out recently by its northern neighbors showed some progress that is highly meaningful. The report was made by the Korean Central News Agency that “the engine will enable the country to obtain a satellite launch with major capabilities that are considered to be world class thus indicating that the rocket engine is of a new type that for the intercontinental ballistic missile.”

Further defiance acts can be observed from North Korea in that, it has declared it has no fears concerning the recent threats that have been presented by the United States with their military action with an aim of trying to control their nuclear build-up.

Donald Trump, the president of the United States told the reports that he was involved in a meeting with the president of North Korea but did not mention anything concerning the test that had been done on the rocket engine. According to Trump’s own words, “Kim was acting and behaving very, very badly.” Since they secured the office, Trump and his administration member have been talking very badly concerning North Korea since January. Tillerson announced that, “the strategic patience policy” was over, however, he did not rule out the actions of the military. Tillerson continued to illustrate that, “the various diplomatic efforts that have been put in place all through in the last 20 years in order to make North Korea to the point of denuclearization are not fruitful and have therefore just failed.”

In conclusion, the propaganda video provides a clear scenario of a situation that is anticipated as a result of the continued differences between the United states and America. If right measure may not be taken, the consequences are likely to be experienced.

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