Editorial: Goodbye to My Senior Friends from Billboard

Kirsten Bilger ’18 The Wilson Billboard Editor-in-Chief
Photo by Kirsten Bilger

As the semester comes to an end and the seniors prepare for graduation, memories swarm through people’s minds. Memories of laughter, Wilson traditions, and Sheetz runs over the past years all come together for one last time. But along with all these happy memories comes sadness for those who know these seniors and still have time left at Wilson. We prepare to say goodbye to those we call friends and wish them luck for the mysterious future that lies ahead.

Saying goodbye is never easy. We have come to Wilson in hopes of starting a new chapter in life: making new friends, becoming independent, and making memories that will last a lifetime. But now we must say goodbye to the graduating seniors and . Especially to those in Billboard who I call my friends: Jenna Kauffman and Caitlyn Minelli.

I, myself, am a junior. I am an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Religious Studies, aiming on being a professional journalist. I also have many other dreams, with each one leading a different direction. I would love to join a play production team and be a playwright for “Sight & Sound,” a theater in Lancaster, PA that produces plays based on characters in the Bible. Another dream is to join Disney/Marvel and work with them to produce the movies that I have come to love, such as “Thor,” “Iron Man,” and “Ghost Rider.” I want to be an entertainment writer to bring laughter and happiness to others.

This is my second year of writing with The Wilson Billboard. With the help of our current online editor, Caitlyn, I have learned how to edit things properly. Our current Editor, has made the decision to pass the title of editor to me after teaching me the ropes of print issue and editing as well. As the upcoming editor, I hope to continue on what done for Billboard. I hope to make them proud as I prepare to take over. I wish luck to both of them in the future.


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