Student Interest Sparks New Gaming Club

Wilson has welcomed the Gaming Club, a new student club, to campus. The Gaming Club meets two nights: Sundays at 9:15 p.m. is Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and Mondays at 9:15 p.m. is card games. Each session meets at Sarah’s Coffeehouse.

On Sunday nights, students gather to play D&D, a role-playing game that changes with each session. Players create a character to navigate through a fantasy medieval world created by the Dungeon Master, the person who chooses the setting for the game. Players then go on quests and explore the world created for them while saving the world. For those interested in the game, but have not played before, player Vanessa Lybarger ‘17 says, “D&D can appear difficult, but the goal is to bring in interested people and offer them assistance in starting so they can enjoy the game as much as we do.”

Monday night is reserved for card games. These games include “Pokemon”, “Yu-Gi-Oh”, and “Magic the Gathering.”

Member Cody Dunlap ’18 says, “All are welcome to come. There is no need to have played before. We are more than happy to teach people. All people need is a desire to learn, play, and have a good time.” As a final comment, the gamers agree that they would like to see more people join since there are not very many people who attend.

Whether you are an experienced game player or just a beginner, everyone is welcome to join the gaming club.

For more information about Dungeons and Dragons game night, contact Vanessa Lybarger at Questions about the card game night can be directed to Matthew Bahn at

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