Russian Missiles

Amid the claims about Trump’s encouragement of corruption in the United States presidential election, another challenge presented itself. Trump’s other issue comes as Russia launch a cruise missile. According to a report by the New York Times, one of the cruise missiles is located at Kapustin Yar in Southern Russia. On Tuesday, Feb. 14, Fox News reported that a Russian spy ship was seen on patrol off the East Coast of the United States earlier that morning.

As events continued to unfold, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said at a White House press conference “the president has been incredibly tough on Russia.” Additionally, Spicer claimed that Trump ordered the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn after he allegedly communicated with the Russian ambassador to the United States citing the communication was subject to blackmail by the Russians.

Spicer’s remarks have come under scrutiny following claims there has not been any record of Trump speaking negatively of Vladimir Putin. Instead, President Trump has endorsed agreements that have been to Russia’s interests, such as removing sanctions and disarming Ukrainians in a bid to solve the border conflicts.

The incident of Russia’s spy ship patrolling the U.S. coast was reportedly the first since Trump’s inauguration into office, and the same on Tuesday, Feb. 14, when Russia’s deployment of cruise missiles happened. President Trump has remained silent on the matter, raising questions about his ties with Putin that reportedly began before the November 8 election.

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