Editorial: Taking a Stand-Journalists Should Not Be Silenced

Growing up, I have always been quiet, and have never minded that fact. I am still quiet most of the time, which may seem odd since I am a newspaper editor and journalists are not often known for being shy.

Teachers, and oddly enough, “friends,” throughout the years have tried to instill it into my head that I needed to stay silent, though most of the time it was not intentionally malicious. My teachers silenced me so they could teach class, an understandable request. My “friends” were not as direct but made me feel I should watch my words or be judged for them. It made me stay on the quiet side in elementary school, which carried over into high school.

However, once I entered college, that changed a bit. I gained more confidence; my thoughts were welcomed and encouraged as opposed to undermined and manipulated. While I am still quiet, it’s by choice. Not because I feel pressured to.

This narrative has a point. With our recent Presidential election, I thought it was important to speak up about an important topic.


And why reporters should not tolerate it.

Journalists have always been the eyes and ears of the people. They inform the general public about what is going on, no matter where or what it is, because that is the job. Let’s be honest, they do the public’s dirty work. An average person would not have the nerve to look into facts and the multitude of sources they come from, even if those facts are hard to swallow. It takes integrity and wanting to find out the truth no matter the cost. In the end, people are able to read, watch, or listen to the stories that journalists work hard to publish, and stay informed about the world around them.

However, this will not be possible if the President and his cabinet decide they no longer want to deal with reporters. Understandably, many reporters spew lies or do whatever it takes to increase their readership. But what about the professional journalists that tell the truth? Those that inform the public of the happenings in our country? They work to make sure that the U.S. and global citizens are aware of what is really happening in the world and not being taken for a ride by clickbait sites.

Perhaps this concern will blow over. Obama’s administration was also hesitant when it came to talking to the press, or at least when it came to the press wanting to expose all sides to government-related stories, according to journalist James Risen with The New York Times. So, maybe it is not so much the elected than it is the government’s system that needs improvement.

All I know is, as soon as I graduate, I want to be a journalist. It sucks to see the boat the profession is in now, sans paddle, but I will not let that stop me from aiming for my dream career, hopefully making a name for myself.

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