Editorial: New Food and Drink Option on Campus

By Jenna Kauffman

Photo by Jenna Kauffman
Photo by Jenna Kauffman

I know this is going to seem like subtle promotion, but this needs to be talked about: the café in the library is finally open!

As a commuter, this is an awesome thing because it’s an alternative place to get food on campus other than the dining hall. I often find myself with only fifteen minutes between classes, which doesn’t give me time to run somewhere off campus for meals. The café not only offers caffeine for rushed and tired mornings, but also food such as subs and parfaits for quick meals. Not to mention, the prices are reasonable in comparison to other dining establishments.

The café is open before, during, and after dining hall hours, closing a little after night class during the week, which makes it convenient for when a student is not able to make the dining hall hours. As a commuter, I don’t have a dorm room to keep extra food, and sometimes residential students do not have food in their rooms, so the café has been a great solution.

Some of the offerings stay the same, but coffee blends and parfaits switch up flavors, so the café is also offering some variety. The service is quick as well, unlike waiting in the long dining hall lines. The convenience factor really sells it.

Now if I’m pressed for time between classes, don’t feel like traveling off campus for food, or need a quick caffeine boost, I can just stop by the campus café. This is great for students and faculty alike as we continue our long days at Wilson.

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