Lights, Lots and Pathways: Safety On Campus

By Kirsten Bilger

With more students attending Wilson, finding a parking space on campus becomes difficult.

Due to the lack of parking and the current situation with the road behind Lenfest Commons, the Wilson community often has to find parking at the Hankey Center or find allowed alternative parking off-campus.

For the most part, students feel safe on campus. However, some people have different experiences than others. Kyla Martin ‘17, says, “I do feel safe walking anywhere on campus. The only time when it’s a bit questionable is when I’m walking to Riddle [Hall] from the barn after the sun has gone down. There’s not much lighting on the path behind Rosie, and usually everyone’s tucked away in the dorm rooms by that time, so it seems like it’s just you walking clear across campus.”

Tailah Nickerson ‘17, mentions issues she has with parking. “The tiny parking lot next to South [Hall] and Riddle [Hall] never has open spots, so I don’t even acknowledge it as a possible place to park,” Nickerson says. “Parking behind Rosie [Rosenkrans Hall] [before construction began] at night is not ideal for me because I have to walk all the way to my dorm from across campus, and sometimes at night. I don’t fear the people on campus as much as I fear the people off campus that can very easily come on campus.”

Most places on campus are lit up with lampposts or the nearby buildings. However, some places such as the road between the Barn and Rosenkrans and the Hankey Center do not have a lot of light, if any. Light posts are scheduled to be placed from the Harry R. Brooks Complex for Science, Mathematics, and Technology to the Hankey Center, but Wilson still awaits their arrival.

For those who feel nervous or scared while on campus, security is here to help ease worries. Sam Woodring, Head of Security, says, “We are always doing patrols, whether on foot or in the vehicle. We always have our phones with us for the students to call.”

Anyone who feels safer walking across campus with security can call security at 717-372-2255. Please give them a ten-minute notice.

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