Editorial: Making the Most of My Last Year at Wilson

Every time you start something new, it’s always hard to picture the ending. A job, a friendship, a new book – no matter what way you look at it, you don’t know the ending. This is how it has always been for me and my education. When I was in elementary school, I could never in a million years picture myself one day being in middle school. When I was in middle school, I couldn’t picture myself being a high-schooler. When I finally made my way through the high school halls, I could not picture myself as a graduating senior. But I did it, obviously, and then I came to Wilson.

Again, it was this new beginning. Much like my senior year of high school, senior year of college seemed so far away. I always used to hate it, and still kind of do, when people said that “the time will go by fast. Enjoy it while you can.” I feel like that statement insinuates there won’t be any more fun once you complete a certain era of your life, when it is far from the truth. Sure life is much simpler when you’re a kid, but what about those moments you hated? When you didn’t have the freedom you wanted because you weren’t old enough, or you weren’t tall enough to get on the amusement park rides? Those may seem trivial but there is more freedom as an adult. You have more access to the world.

As you progress through school, you climb up the social ladder; I’m now at the top where it comes to my 4-year degree. What will be my next step? I honestly don’t know at this point. Hopefully a job after college where I can use one of my degrees. But then what? It’s difficult to see the ending, isn’t it?

I’m hoping to make the most of my last year. Because with all of my other lasts, I remember having some great moments to go along with them.

Jenna Kauffman


Senior Class 2017 Line Up Before Convocation Photo provided by Sam Schlegel

Senior Class 2017 Line Up Before Convocation

Photo provided by Sam Schlegel

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