Grimmie Tribute Released as Four Part Series

By Jenna Kauffman

Christina Grimmie at the Citadel Tree Lighting Photo provided by Creative Commons

Christina Grimmie at the Citadel Tree Lighting

Photo provided by Creative Commons

On June 10, 2016, the world was shocked and heartbroken when singer Christina Grimmie was shot after one of her concerts in Orlando, Fla. While most people who heard the news briefly expressed sorrow and moved on, many fans still grieve. Not only was a beloved idol gone, but a tremendously talented person who still had opportunities ahead of her would never get to continue her art.

However, this changed when Grimmie’s manager, Brian Teefey, made an announcement on the singer’s social media accounts.

“August will be a celebration of Side A, we have a four part mini-series of music videos for the Side A EP titled, ‘The Ballad of Jessica Blue,’” Teefey wrote.

The statement went on to explain the meaning behind the mini-series, and how Grimmie played a character named Jessica Blue who was “on her journey to find her voice and her path in life only to find they are one in the same.” Teefey explains Grimmie spent hours learning choreography and spent four days filming the mini-series this past February, and as commemoration to her and the hard work put into it, they were aired live on Aug. 11, Aug. 18, Aug. 25, and Sept. 1 for fans to finally see.

Even though the singer passed away, this just shows that fans will not forget her. Each video amazingly displays Grimmie’s talent for singing as well as choreography and acting. This was the last piece of the EP that fans had yet to see, and the singer’s camp and family bravely released the footage for the fans in grieving with them.

While it is sad that the “Side A” EP is one of the last things she created, it is still a reflection on how she made her mark on the world.

To see Grimmie’s four-part series, go to her YouTube page.

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